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Over the past couple of weeks, our team here at the Carolina Latinx Center has been working on ways to update our media and newsletters. We are proud to announce one of our newest additions: Fashion Fridays! From here on out, every Friday our Carolina Latinx Center Instagram will feature different members of our community and their individual styles. As a Latinx community, none of our styles, looks, personalities, and forms of expression are the same. Through each highlight, we begin to debunk the narrative that all Latinx people look, dress, and act the same way while lifting unique clothing, accessories, and stories. We hope that through this thoughtfully curated highlight you will begin to get to know and love our comunidad as much as we do.

A message from our team Marketing Student Ambassador, Lucien Boileve, the brain behind Fashion Fridays:

“Fashion Fridays have been a way for us to highlight Latinx students here at UNC. I used to edit in middle school, and I thought this would be a fun way to elevate these highlights instead of just normal pictures. I ask participants to come in one day with nice outfits so we can do a small photoshoot on campus. I also have them select the song they want to use for the edit and with that, I’m able to tell the overall feel of the edit. For example, Briandy selected OMG by New Jeans so I took inspiration from k-pop edits on Tik Tok and created something that felt as bubbly and cute as those.”