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As the semester comes to a close, we invited our team to share some of their own reflections from their time on campus this year. Read more on how our community continues to Vivir Su Vida:


“This past semester so far has definitely been filled with ups and downs. It being my second year at Carolina, I have learned so much and am thankful every day for the community and family I have found here. As expected, some days have been harder than others but overall, this semester has gone very well. Working again at the CLC this year has kept me in a routine and I’m so thankful I get to work with such a great team. Seeing how successful this year has been for us as a Center so far only excites me for what’s to come.” – Mia Melendez-Ruiz (Student Ambassador for Communications, Class of 2025)

“It has been quite the semester. It has been filled with many events that have taken much time and planning. I personally thought that the events this semester have been great from all the different organizations and the CLC. I feel like post-pandemic we are finally finding our footing and making our presence really known on campus and within our own Hispanic community which is an amazing thing to accomplish. I hope we continue to make strides that make our students and community feel at home and feel like they belong here.” – Jesus Enriquez (Student Ambassador for Alliance, Class of 2023)

“This semester has allowed me to explore different career possibilities. During my time at UNC, I navigated different subjects and topics. At the start of the semester, I risked not having a set career path, by choosing to no longer be a STEM major. I decided to focus more on an advertising/PR path. Being in the STEM program caused a lot of anxiety for me throughout the semester. It made me unsure if I made the right choice. Having a supportive community at UNC offered me guidance throughout my decision process. As a result, I was able to narrow down my choice-making, and make a career choice that best aligned with my identity.” – Gabrielly Nolasco (Student Ambassador for Center Programming – Latinx Heritage Month, Class of 2024)

“This semester was definitely one of the hardest ones I have had in my college career. It felt like I had to juggle so many things at once. Sometimes I was really good or really bad at managing my time. I also found it rewarding to get more hands-on clinical training. Additionally, working at the CLC was one of the most rewarding aspects of my semester. I enjoyed working closely with the student ambassadors, and other students that walk through the doors. I felt like through the programs and events, I found a welcoming Latinx community at UNC.” – Rosario Villa (Graduate Student Ambassador)