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On Tuesday, March 29th, we will be celebrating UNC-Chapel Hill’s fifth GiveUNC Day. For those of you unfamiliar with GiveUNC, it is a university-wide day of giving. A day when alumni, friends, faculty, staff, and other Carolina fans come together to support the causes they care most about. At the Carolina Latinx Center (CLC) we have two exciting challenges for the day. More details at the end of the article on how you can contribute!


Before March arrives, the CLC wanted to give a warm thank you to all our previous donors and people who make our Center possible. The CLC opened its doors in October 2019, and in a little over two years, we have been able to grow our impact on campus significantly. From hosting monthly dialogue series with Churros y Chisme, inaugurating La Conferencia and our Leadership Institute (Líder), and providing snacks to make our space somewhere that our community can take a break from their day – we could not have done this without our donor support.



As a thank you, we asked our students what they appreciated the most and what having these donations meant to them. Earlier this week, I spoke with Jesús Enriquez, a junior at UNC who said, “I really appreciate having different coffee and snacks available in La Sala for students to have while studying.” UNC senior, Jackie Santillan, added “I appreciate the CLC offering snacks in La Sala because I find that it is a very nice gesture from the center and our donors. It helps me stay productive throughout the day.” In addition to keeping our students’ stomachs full, our student ambassador, David Mora, also wanted to highlight how the Center kept his heart full too, “…[the Center] always has a warm welcome and a friendly smile waiting to greet you when you walk through the doors. I’m glad I was able to find this place during my time at UNC…”



We hope that this GiveUNC Day, you consider donating to the CLC so that we can continue growing our center and providing opportunities for our students and community. As we mentioned earlier, we have two, that is right DOS challenges from donors. But we need your help! We need to get 50 donors to unlock $10,000.00 for the CLC and another 25 donors to unlock another $2,500.00! We hope you will join our support familia and make these challenges a reality on March 29th, 2022.