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On October 15th, Mi Pueblo hosted “La Comunidad Sigue” a wellness event centered around community building, wellness, and friendship. Hosted at the Carolina Latinx Center, there were various stations that allowed students to connect with the community both on campus and in the wider Chapel Hill area. Stations included Latinx trivia, Loteria, face painting, opportunities to connect with the Chapel Hill libraries, promotion of Latinx-student businesses such as, a Photo Booth, and much more! On top of these fun activities, Mi Pueblo organized the distribution of free pupusas and tacos for all attendees.

While Mi Pueblo had originally intended to host Carnaval — the largest social celebration of the semester — leadership realized that given the loss facing the university at the time, it was best to shift away from the original location of the event to respect any students grieving. While Mi Pueblo attempted to shift to a new, adequate location, none of the locations were approved for their use. Mi Pueblo’s president’s and Cultura chairs were able to come together to still provide a space for students to feel supported after a heavy week. In 24 hours, Mi Pueblo put together “La Comunidad Sigue” and delivered on their commitment to providing a social space for students to celebrate their culture. While Mi Pueblo is saddened to have not been able to host Carnaval at the magnitude originally intended, La Comunidad Sigue was a success. With over 200 attendees, Mi Pueblo was able to bring together their community to celebrate their culture and create new friendships.