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Pa’lante is a Spanish slang term that combines the words, “para adelante”, meaning moving forward. This year our theme focuses on how our community learns to move forward from pandemics, from missed opportunities, and from hardships; and uses those roadblocks as lessons for a brighter future.

All of our events have been added to our CLC calendar for all details!

Sept. 15th Kick off @ the Pit| 11am-2pm Sept. 17th Selena Screening | 6:00pm Sept. 21st Churros y Chisme | 12:30pm-1:30pm
Sept. 23rd Top of Lenoir Latinx Dinner| 5-8:30pm Sept 23rd Latina/o Studies Program : Past, Present and Future| 6:00pm Sept. 26th UNC vs Clemson | CLC Take Over!
Sept. 27th Reading to Frank Porter Graham Elementary Sept. 28th ¿Quiénes Somos? | 7:00pm Sept. 29th Building Generational Wealth Workshop | 7:00pm
Sept. 30th Keynote Address | 6:30 pm Oct. 1st Vivo Screening | The Pit | 7:30pm Oct. 2nd Photos at the West Lounge Grid | 11am-1pm
Oct 5th ‘Being and Belonging’ Opening | 5pm Oct. 5th Tar Heels Para Sempre: Alumni Panel | 6:30-8pm | Virtual Panel Oct. 7th | Charla: Engaging Identity
Oct. 8th| 7pm| Men’s Soccer | CLC Take Over! Oct. 11th | 3:30pm | Pa’Lante Panel Oct. 14th | Ben & Jerry’s Fundraiser | 6-8pm
Oct. 15th Carnaval – LHM Finale | 5pm-8pm Oct. 18th Graduate Student Symposium | 5pm


History of Latinx Heritage Month

From September 15 to October 15 the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill celebrates Latinx Heritage Month. This event recognizes the contributions made by Latinx Americans to the United States and celebrates their heritage and cultures. Latinx people have had a profound and positive influence on our country through their strong commitment to family, hard work, service, and religious values. Latinxs have enhanced and shaped our national character with their traditions that reflect the multiethnic and multinational customs.

In 2010, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill began hosting events throughout the month to celebrate the Latinx community. The month-long celebration includes annual events, such as a kick-off celebration, a distinguished keynote speaker, and Carnaval, a student-led show showcase. Other events vary per year and may include guest lectures, dance lessons, and discussions about current political issues.