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What is your role at Carolina?

I am a full-time MBA student at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School. My concentration is organizational behavior and leadership. I currently serve as a legacy rep with the full-time MBA program office, and I am a Vetter Dean’s Fellow. I also serve as the learning and development liaison for the Latin American Business Association (LATAM). The underlying belief behind the roles that make me is to inspire and build better lives and communities.

What does “pa’lante” mean to you?

To me, “pa’lante” is the ever-present struggle for a better tomorrow. It’s a vision for tomorrow to be pursued never at the expense of today. Today’s actions influence tomorrow’s outcomes. It’s the ever-present aspiration driving our behavior and pursuit of happiness.

How has being at Carolina impacted you?

Coming to Carolina, I was not sure what to expect. I knew that it would change me. I just didn’t know-how. My search for purpose and identity has continued to unfold at Carolina. Who am I beyond my work title? Who am I beyond a graduate student? These are questions that I continue to ponder while at Carolina.

What is your hidden talent?

I make sense of the world by referencing movies, particularly Marvel, Disney, and Star Wars movies. Perspective is one of my strengths and I leverage it through mentorship and partnership building. The mythological journey of the hero is a favorite leadership and personal concept that influence my decision-making and overall way of seeing the world.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Pace yourself. My younger self was very patient and allowed many opportunities to go pass by him. I was, and continue to be, very naïve about how things get done. At the same time, I can be very curious about my environment. In contrast, I have recently been very impatient with myself and in the impact that I can have on the world. This impatient mentality has mostly served me well. I’ve joined non-profit boards, developed multinational partnerships, left a full-time job to start a full-time MBA program, and even delivered a Ted talk. This has come at the expense of my own needs, which I’ve started being more aware of while at Carolina. I aspire to take my time and agree to execute on ideas that have an impact on others while maintaining my internal peace. So, I promise to pace myself today so I can keep on with my purpose. La lucha sigue!