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ECUIPP lab is looking to hire students from diverse backgrounds to further ongoing community engagement in Robeson County, NC in collaboration with the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina.

Students will participate in community activities associated with environmental data collection, air quality risk communication, or the use of air quality model predictions of Robeson County to understand the impact of local sources on the County.

The findings from this project will allow students to educate the public about government resources on air quality including surface monitoring and air quality models developed and maintained by the US Environmental Protection Agency. This education will empower the community to learn about possible sources and health risks.

Students are encouraged to attend the ENVR ECUIPP classes ENVR 89/ENVR335 which are offered concurrently in Fall 2023 which meets 9:30-10:45. Interns will be expected to present their research findings and review new applicants in the spring semester.

Students can receive course credit for their work-study position as an additional elective course if eligible.

In addition to completing coursework, interns will be expected to present their research findings and review new applicants in the spring semester.


  • Role beginning August 2023
  • Number of positions: 10-12 work-study students
  • Number of hours a week: 10 hours a week
  • Supervisor: Dr. William Vizuete


  • Candidates must:
    • Have work-study
    • Be going into their sophomore or junior year at Carolina
    • Be a STEM major
  • Successful candidates could have experiences and skills that include:
    • Basic understanding of air quality
    • Computer Programming in Python (experience or COMP 110/116)
    • Understanding of Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina History
    • Knowledge of Robeson County
    • Website development
    • Written and oral communication
    • Working independently
    • Data Analysis

Project collaborators:

  • William Vizuete, Professor, Dept. Of Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Amanda Northcross, Associate Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dept. Of Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Robert (Bob) Pleasants, Associate Director, UNC Office for Undergraduate Research
  • Danielle Hiraldo, Director, American Indian Center
  • Lynn Blanchard, Director, Carolina Center for Public Service
  • Josmell Perez, Director, Carolina Latinx Center


Submit your cover letter and resume for this position via JobX. Search for ‘ECUIPP Lab Intern’.

The deadline will be on August 25th, 2023. We are actively accepting applications on a rolling basis.