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Our student, staff, and community committee came together to decide on what we wanted to use as our message and theme for the year.

The Latinxverse: El Universo Es Tuyo

The Latinxverse is all about breaking free from the boxes that society has placed us in and expanding our understanding of what it means to be Latinx. Our theme celebrates our past and present while recognizing the ongoing evolution of Latinx identity and experiences. We’re claiming the universe as our own and embracing the infinite possibilities of Latinidad.

The Latinxverse is a celebration of the diverse and complex experiences of Latinx individuals. Our identities and experiences are shaped by multiple factors, and there’s no one look, sound, or feeling that defines us. The Latinx community is limitless, and we invite you to join us on our journey to create a vibrant and dynamic Latinxverse.

This year, we’re ready for our generation’s opportunity to lead. By breaking down barriers and embracing our unique identities, we’re creating a Latinxverse that’s vibrant, dynamic, and full of possibilities. Join us as we claim Nuestro Universo and celebrate the power and beauty of Latinx culture.

Calendar of Events

September 15th
11am – 2pm
September 15th
6pm -7pm
September 19th
5pm – 8:30pm
Kick Off Futuro Fridays: Back to El Futuro 🔮 Top of Lenoir Dinner 🍽️
September 22nd
September 24th
September 29nd
Futuro Fridays: Bad Bunnies 🐰 Women’s Soccer Game Day!  Futuro Fridays: Dancing Under the Stars 🕺🏽✨
October 3rd
October 4th
6pm – 7:30pm
October 6th
La Belleza Masculina hosted by ΛΥΛ Keynote Speaker Noche De Fantasia
October 13th
Carnaval hosted by Mi Pueblo


From September 15 to October 15 the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill celebrates Latinx Heritage Month. This event recognizes the contributions made by Latinx Americans to the United States and celebrates their heritage and cultures. Latinx people have had a profound and positive influence on our country through their strong commitment to family, hard work, service, and religious values. Latinxs have enhanced and shaped our national character with their traditions that reflect the multiethnic and multinational customs.

In 2010, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill began hosting events throughout the month to celebrate the Latinx community. The month-long celebration includes annual events, such as a kick-off celebration, a distinguished keynote speaker, and Carnaval, a student-led show showcase. Other events vary per year and may include guest lectures, dance lessons, and discussions about current political issues.