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In a collaboration between the UNC Kenan-Flagler DEI Office and the Carolina Latinx Center, the Carolina Leadership Institute is a year-long, highly interactive leadership development program for Latinx undergraduate students throughout the state of North Carolina.

Meet Our Líders

Learning Outcomes:

  • The LÍDER fellows will:
    • Gain a greater understanding of the self as a leader.
    • Learn frameworks useful in leadership environments at school and in their community
    • Take on risks, are vulnerable, and communicate their vision with clarity and enthusiasm
    • Participants will leave feeling empowered, understanding that they do not have to check their identity at the door to be a leader

Guiding Pillars:

  • Leadership Development through the development of self-awareness and interpersonal awareness
  • Fellowship Building through a celebration of diversity, inclusion, and integrity
  • Community Engagement through purposeful innovation to better our community


  • Session I Objective: Leadership Development and Fellowship Building
    • Participants will define leadership and begin to identify their leadership style through self-awareness, team building, and reflection exercises.
  • Session II Objective: Leadership Development and Community Engagement
    • Participants will learn and apply internal and external frameworks to identify and solve peer problems as well as real-world problems.
  • Session III Objective: Community Engagement
    • Participants will recognize a project they want to tackle and work to execute a plan for their idea as an individual or in teams.
  • Session IV Objective: Fellowship Building
    • Using the Open Space framework, participants will design their final workshop for the program. During the graduation event, participants will receive recognition for their hard work over the year.

The LÍDER Story:

Envision by Marcela Torres-Cervantes, Assistant Director at the Carolina Latinx Center, LÍDER is a year-round leadership development program that centers on the values of Latinx identity within leadership roles. Originally planned as a weekend experience, it was piloted during Covid as a one-day leadership development seminar with the backing of the whole Carolina Latinx Center team.

With the support of Kevin Ortiz, MBA 2023, LÍDER has evolved into a year-round leadership fellowship in partnerships with the UNC Kenan-Flagler DEI Office.

LÍDER Planning Team:

  • Herrison Chicas, Ph.D. Student in Organizational Behavior for UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School
  • Ivonne Chirino-Klevans, Adjunct Instructor of Organizational Behavior, Kenan-Flagler Business School
  • Kevin Ortiz, MBA candidate and Vetter Dean’s Fellow at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School
  • Josmell Perez, Director, Carolina Latinx Center
  • Marcela Torres-Cervantes, Assistant Director, Carolina Latinx Center