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About the Program

Pulso Scholars program is a comprehensive pipeline program specially designed to promote academic and professional success among Carolina students in medical school and other health professions. Scholars participate in a series of workshops, seminars, networking events, and various hands-on opportunities aimed at providing academic, professional, and cultural development and overall preparation to apply to medical school or other health-related programs.



  • Academic Success – Scholars participate in seminars, workshops, professional development, and course planning to prepare them to make them the most competitive applicants to selective professional schools.

  • Networking – Scholars will meet and engage faculty, administrators, graduate professional students, alumni and other community leaders.
  • Community – Scholars will meet medical students who identify as being from historically underrepresented backgrounds and participate in outreach activities.
  • Competitive Applicants – Scholars will have the opportunity to attend professional development seminars, shadow medical professionals, receive clinical exposure, attend tours of various labs, and test prep for medical school and graduate entrance exams.



  • Each scholar will be expected to attend regular workshops/seminars

  • Each scholar will be expected to fulfill the annual requirements throughout their time as Pulso Scholar

  • Each scholar will be expected to participate in service opportunities through Latinx Medical Student Association (LMSA)

  • We will recognize those who have successfully accomplished all of their requirements to be officially designated a Pulso Scholar at the end-of-year Exitos Celebration



  • Pre-health advising and mentoring

  • Scholarship building through inter-disciplinary discussions of health

  • Discussions on financial wellness, time management, mental health care, and strategies to navigating the university experience


Next Session

Thursday, April 27th, 2023 at 5:30 PM EST | In Person

La Sala, Carolina Latinx Center
Abernethy Hall, Room 113
131 S. Columbia St, Chapel Hill, NC


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