Vision: Greater inclusiveness and cultural awareness of Latinx communities on campus and beyond.

Mission: The Carolina Latinx Center (CLC) supports UNC-Chapel Hill’s Latinx communities and educates the campus and beyond through engagement, scholarship, cultural awareness, and public service.

The Carolina Latinx Center provides students, faculty and staff the opportunity to explore Latinx cultures, histories and tradition and to use that understanding to work across racial and ethnic communities in North Carolina and the world.  For faculty, staff and students who are engaged in research, teaching and/or service related to Latinx communities and issues, the CLC connects them both with one another and with community partners.

Latinx are defined as people of Latin American and/or Iberian heritage living in the United States. Within the Latinx communities, there is great diversity of backgrounds, aspirations and sociopolitical views that adds to the richness of our collective experiences. Latinx are ethno-racially diverse, of African, indigenous, Asian, and European descent; linguistically diverse; and culturally diverse.[1] Additionally, the term “Latinx” is an inclusive term that removes gender identity and allows the individual to designate their gender identity. The terms Latino, Latina/o, and Hispanic are used interchangeably.

[1] Definition was adopted from the UNC Latina/o Studies Program –

CLC programs include:

  • CLC Welcome Reception during the Week of Welcome
  • Latinx Heritage Month: September 15-October 15 (national tribute to the generations of Latinx who have influenced and enriched our nation)
  • Éxitos Recognition Reception for graduating students