Acknowledging Latina/o culture and making change in the world are two things Laura Halperin knew she wanted to pursue. Like many, she did not have a direct path towards her current career. Her professional experiences and her cultural background eventually paved her way towards becoming an Assistant Professor in the Department in English and Comparative […]...
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After a rigorous nomination process, Professor Oswaldo Estrada was selected as one of the three recipients of The Chapman Family Distinguished Teaching Award, which recognizes distinguished teaching in the College of Arts and Sciences as well as providing support and funding for research. For Professor Estrada, who is an Associate Professor of Spanish and Latin […]...
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Krista Perreira Named the Recipient of the 2014 Edward Kidder Graham Award Krista Perreira, a woman with many hats, is the recipient of the 2014 Edward Kidder Graham Award. She currently serves as a professor and the Director for Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Public Policy, the Director and Associate Dean of the Office […]...
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Cecilia Polanco UNC Chapel Hill ’16 | Global Studies Major This summer I’ve been blessed to have done some travelling and independent research around the U.S. Last week I was in San Antonio, Texas, and since I’d been following news and articles about the children coming from Central America and being held in detention centers, […]...
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As a young admissions officer at Moravian College, Josmell Perez within a few short years had helped the school exceed its diversity recruitment goals. In looking for his next step, he cast a wide net, which returned three offers: Princeton, Temple and Carolina. Moving far from his New Jersey roots and tight-knit family would turn […]...
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Apply to be a peer mentor for incoming first-year Latina/o students through the Latina/o Peer Mentoring Program (LPMP). The LPMP is the first mentoring program for Latina/o students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. For more information on the program, please visit The application is now OPEN. For any questions, please contact […]...
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The Carolina Latina/o Collaborative (CLC) is committed to developing a greater awareness of Latina/o issues, cultures and identities by building collaborative relationships across campus and the community. Through these relationships, the CLC has created a network that connects various groups on campus involved in academic and cultural projects and programs. The CLC provides a supportive environment for students, faculty, staff and alumni to discuss and understand important issues that affect the Latina/o community. We provide a welcoming space for Latina/o students through resources and services that foster and enrich their academic, social and cultural experience.

The CLC offers its offices, gallery and meeting space for interdisciplinary innovations in scholarship, education, culture, and community engagement. Along with other programming, the CLC organizes two major annual celebrations on campus: the annual campus-wide Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration and the Latina/o Alumni Reunion.

The Carolina Latina/o Collaborative:

  1. Collaborates with the UNC Program in Latina/o Studies, the Carolina Hispanic Association, the Spanish House and others to create programs that represent the rich diversity of the Latina/o Community and reflect the artistic, academic, cultural, social and political aspects of all Latinas/os at Carolina.
  2. Establishes new resources, programs and services to create a welcoming environment.
  3. Provides educational and leadership opportunities that will ensure the retention and success of Carolina Latina/o students.
  4. Collaborates with University departments to provide resources, services, and programs toward the goal of retaining Latina/o faculty and staff.
  5. Continues to develop relationships with our stakeholders to generate revenue sources for the support of its new programming, resources and services.
  6. Establishes new resources, programs and services to recruit and better serve first-year Latina/o students in their transition to college and integration at Carolina.
  7. Establishes strong partnership with Latina/o Alumni to build a larger support network for the Latina/o community at Carolina.
  8. Provides bilingual support as needed across campus.