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The Apoyo monthly support group will run for the full academic calendar year of 2023-2024. Apoyo will be led and facilitated by Theresa Flores (she/ella), owner and full-time clinician of Floreciendo Therapeutic Services, PLLC.

This group provides a brave space for you to share the experiences, joys, and challenges that come with identifying and experiencing life as a Latinx person. Currently, this group is only for undergraduate students. Some themes could include heritage and immigration, family dynamics and boundaries, and first-generation college stressors. Our goal is to foster connection and affirm and validate struggles.

Due to the intentionality of the support group, it will require advance registration and a cap of 20 participants with the option to be added to a waitlist. Once at the event, individuals will be asked to sign in with the option to receive post-event follow-up with resources and relevant psychoeducational materials.

Fall 2023 Semester Dates for Apoyo: Spring 2024 Semester Dates for Apoyo:
Thursday, August 31st Thursday, January 11th
Thursday, September 14th Thursday, February 8th
Thursday, October 12th Thursday, March 7th
Thursday, November 9th Thursday, April 11th
Thursday, December 7th Wednesday, May 1st


All sessions will be held at the Carolina Latinx Center from 5:30pm-7:00pm

Register for our September Apoyo Session Here